Jafarzadeh exposes Tehran's fake ceasefire calls

Tehran’s Fake Call for Ceasefire Is a Ruse

BEHIND THE IRAN HEADLINES Series, November 8, 2023, Alireza Jafarzadeh, NCRI-US Deputy Director

In this episode of our BEHIND THE IRAN HEADLINES Series, NCRI-US Deputy Director Alireza Jafarzadeh exposes the Iranian regime’s fake call for a ceasefire.

As destruction and an unprecedented human catastrophe unfold in the Middle East, the world is primarily focused on “de-escalation.” The Iranian regime, employing a mix of threats and bluster, is also calling for a ceasefire. However, Tehran’s motives are solely for self-preservation.

From the regime’s perspective, it survives domestically and thrives regionally beyond its borders when it is in a perpetual state of war and mayhem. The de-escalation narrative by Tehran, which played a significant role in igniting the conflict, is merely a ruse to maximize its strategic gains and prepare for the next round of strife.

The clerical regime views instigating regional strife and bloodshed as the most effective means of quashing internal uprisings in Iran that aim for regime change. It has used this tactic, as it used the war with Iraq, to justify its intensified crackdown on dissent, claiming to defend the country against an external enemy.

The clerical regime disingenuously points to instability outside its borders for domestic consumption, even as disastrous socioeconomic grievances and political oppression constantly fuel more dissent. Similar to the oppressive Shah, who boasted about his regime’s non-existent stability just months before his fall, Khamenei is also employing the “Security over Freedom” deception.

Without focusing on the head of the snake of war and Islamic fundamentalism, which lies in Tehran, lasting peace will remain elusive. The malicious force of the ruling religious fascism will not relent through appeasement; it demands regime change by the Iranian people and their organized Resistance. The world must recognize the right of the Iranian people to fulfill their duty which is to establish a democratic, free republic of Iran, ending any form of dictatorship and belligerence.

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