IAEA Reports

The IAEA has been applying safeguards in Iran since the mid-1970s, shortly after Iran concluded its first Safeguards Agreement with the Agency in May 1974. General information about IAEA safeguards can be found here.

On June 6, 2003, the IAEA released the first in what have become a series of regular reports on Iran’s nuclear program, specifically the status of its safeguards implementation. These reports are rich in detail about Iran’s activities and, taken as a whole, provide the single most authoritative set of documents about Iran’s nuclear activities. The following cursory annotation of the reports should not be read as an exhaustive summary of each report’s contents, but as an abbreviated roadmap to a few key highlights.

November 15 IAEA Report

August 30 IAEA Report

May 23  IAEA Report

February 22 IAEA Report

February 9 IAEA Report on Technical Cooperation

November 14 IAEA Report

August 31 IAEA Report

June 8  IAEA Report

April 28  IAEA Report

February 27  IAEA Report

January 31 IAEA Update Brief

November 15  IAEA Report

September 1 IAEA Report

June 1 IAEA Report

March 30 IAEA Note

March 5  IAEA Note

February 24 IAEA Report

November 18 IAEA Report

September 2  IAEA Report

November 10 IAEA Report

August 26 IAEA Report

June 6 IAEA Report

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