Maryam Rajavi: The Iranian regime fuels war in the region

NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi: Every Concession Given to Iran’s Regime Will Fuel More Wars

NCRI-US Deputy Director Alireza Jafarzadeh Tells Fox News Channel Iranian Resistance Is Target of Tehran’s Terrorism Because It Is Agent for Change

On November 4, 2023, Alireza Jafarzadeh, the deputy director of the Washington office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, discussed the expanding threat of terrorism by the Iranian regime in the United States and the Middle East and how to counter these threats effectively. Here are the excerpts of his interview with Eric Shawn of the Fox News Channel:

ERIC SHAWN: Iran: a growing threat to us here at home. That was the warning from FBI Director Christopher Wray, as Iran has a long history of American blood on its hands. Most Americans were introduced to the radical Islamic hatred of us 44 years ago today. That’s when those student militants scaled the walls of the American embassy and took our diplomats hostage. All those calls for “death to America” continue…

Alireza Jafarzadeh joins us. Deputy Director of the Washington office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the largest Iranian opposition group. Alireza, welcome. First, let’s start with the fact that you’ve been targeted, and your group the NCRI. Tell us about the two Iranian California men that they were sentenced for surveilling you and your group as well as a Jewish group in Chicago, essentially on behalf of Tehran.

ALIREZA JAFARZADEH: Well, we talk about the Iran regime’s terrorism, but right here on U.S. soil, these two Iranian agents were involved in extensive surveillance, what the Justice Department said as part of a capture and kill operations package that they had put together. And, of course, we were targets. They were arrested, and they confessed to what their plans were. They were sentenced to imprisonment. Just bringing to the picture the threat of the Iranian regime on terrorism, but also what the Iranian regime is afraid of. It’s afraid of its organized opposition because this is the very same movement that exposed all the major nuclear sites of the Iran regime, its terror operations, and its missile program, but is also engaged in the protests and demonstrations inside the country. They’re the agent for change. That’s why the Iranian regime is so paranoid about this movement. And wherever they think they can deliver the blow, they will try to do it. They even tried it in Europe, and an Iranian diplomat was caught bringing a powerful bomb from inside Iran to Europe trying to detonate it at our rally in 2018 in Paris. He was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment after being convicted. But guess what happened? He was returned to Iran after a few years of imprisonment as a result of the policy of appeasement.

ERIC SHAWN: We have footage of the rallies, the type of rallies that your organization had that were targeted at that time. And the targeting continues… How could the Biden administration, do you think, push back against this because it seems that Iran is a very clear threat to try to attempt assassinations right here on our soil?

ALIREZA JAFARZADEH: Well, in order to push back against this, first, you have to understand that the epicenter of terror and instability and chaos when it comes to the Middle East and when it comes to the rest of the world is the Iranian regime. The head of the snake of war and terrorism lies in Tehran. For a good reason, the Iranian regime has been designated as the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism for over three decades. But the question is, how do you push back against that? Definitely, the solution lies in the change of the regime in Iran, as the people of Iran, as a nation, have been pursuing. Remember, since 2018, there have been several rounds of major uprisings calling for regime change in over 200 cities in all 31 provinces of Iran. So, this regime is desperate and rejected by its own population. What the U.S. needs to do instead of appeasement, which begets terrorism and hostage-taking, is to build pressure on the Iranian regime while extending support to the organized opposition inside the country. Remember, the Iranian regime was vehemently opposed to peace in the Middle East. They empowered all of these proxy groups who were opposed to the Palestinian Authority to achieve peace.

ERIC SHAWN: Here’s Maryam Rajavi, who’s the leader of your group, talking about just that exactly. Let’s listen.

MARYAM RAJAVI (VIDEO CLIP): Years ago, the world realized that this regime could not be reformed, nor would it change its behavior. The world must now admit that the Iranian regime cannot be appeased, either. Every concession given to the regime will fuel more wars.

ERIC SHAWN: That was testimony before Congress. Finally, Alireza, what can the Biden administration do? What can Americans do now to try to get that tipping point? Is it even possible to change Tehran, or do you need a change in the regime there in order to achieve that?

ALIREZA JAFARZADEH: Well, first of all, they need to understand that the appeasement policy is not only not working but also having a counterproductive result. Remember what happened on October 7th, happened right at the height of the appeasement policy by the U.S. government towards Iran. They had just released $6 billion to the Iranian regime; they were not enforcing sanctions; they were talking about lifting sanctions. They were about to lift the missile and drone sanctions at the UN, which they later did. So what do you need to do? You need to go in exactly the opposite direction. You build pressure on the Iranian regime and hold them accountable for all the terrorism they have done in the past instead of rewarding them. And then siding with the people of Iran, those organized resistance who have been fighting to bring about change in Iran. That’s what the U.S. needs to do. Short of sending troops or money, none of those is needed.

ERIC SHAWN: That is the message from Alireza Jafarzadeh of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. Alireza, thank you for joining us. Please stay safe, I am glad that they were able to bust up the plot against you and other Americans. And as you said, Iran has been designated the largest state sponsor of terrorism since 1984.

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