Jafarzadeh: RGC Drives Tehran’s War and Repression Machine; It Must Be Stopped Now

IRGC Drives Tehran’s War and Repression Machine; It Must Be Stopped Now

BEHIND THE IRAN HEADLINES Series, November 9, 2023, Alireza Jafarzadeh, NCRI-US Deputy Director

In the latest episode of our BEHIND THE IRAN HEADLINES Series, “IRGC Drives Tehran’s War and Repression Machine; It Must Be Stopped Now,” NCRI-US Deputy Director Alireza Jafarzadeh explains why.

Although the central role of the IRGC and its extraterritorial division–which does nothing but terrorism–known as the Quds Force, in the ongoing war in the Middle East has become abundantly clear, the refusal of the United Kingdom and the European Union to formally blacklist the IRGC is mind-boggling.

The flawed policy of making concessions to Tehran, hoping it will one day shed its warmongering and terrorism cloak, has proven catastrophic for the people of Iran and the Middle East, currently taking an astronomical toll.

The four-decade-long involvement of the IRGC and the Quds Force in terrorist operations and the relentless campaign of the Iranian resistance exposing the IRGC’s multi-dimensional threats led to its designation by the United States first as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist or SDGT in October 2017 and as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, or FTO, in April 2019. Yet, the UK and the EU are still dragging their feet.

Additional sanctions designations have occurred under separate legal authorities for the IRGC’s human rights abuses and its involvement in the development of weapons of mass destruction.

Since 1979, the use of institutionalized suppression at home and the export of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism abroad have been at the core of Tehran’s survival doctrine, whose spine is the IRGC. The regime’s foreign policy and diplomacy is dependent on the IRGC and its Qods Force.

The IRGC is also at the heart of the development of technology in nuclear, ballistic missiles, drones, and the training of proxy forces in the region. The Quds Force’s commander, Esmail Qaani, has openly been threatening U.S. officials with terrorism.

The IRGC is also the critical institution that keeps the theocracy in power. For these reasons, the Iranian Resistance has called for the disbandment of the IRGC. Resistance Units affiliated with the MEK’s network inside Iran, have been leading the campaign to disband the IRGC. This is a patriotic task and is necessary for crushing the head of the snake of war and oppression that lies in Tehran.

The international community must play its role by the swift blacklisting of the IRGC in the UK and the EU and an immediate snapback of the UNSC sanctions. The Ayatollahs’ machinery of war and terrorism must be stopped and must be stopped now.

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