Iranians protest against the religious dictatorship

On Day 53 of Iran Uprising, oppressive forces open fire using AK-47 assault rifles on locals in the city of Marivan

On Day 53, protests have spread to 216 Cities, 550+ estimated deaths, 368 identified by MEK; 30,000+ detentions

WASHINGTON, DC, November 5, 2022 — Based partially on reporting by the Network in Iran of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (MEK), here is an update about the continued uprising in Iran.

• Days: 53
• Protests: 216 cities; all 31 provinces of Iran
• Fatalities: 550+ estimated deaths, 368 identified by MEK (over 50 teenagers)
• Detentions: 30,000+

Iran is marking its 53rd day of the uprising across the country on Monday as protests expanded throughout the country the day before. The city of Marivan witnessed intense confrontations between locals and the regime’s oppressive security forces who were opening fire on locals using AK-47 assault rifles and shotgun pellet rounds following a burial ceremony. Brave protesters stood their ground and local activists were describing the city as a “war zone” with clashes continuing well into the night.

Protests were reported in many cities throughout the day, especially in several districts of Tehran. The cities of Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Sarbaz, Behbahan, Yazd, Bushehr, Karaj, and Baba Heydar were also reporting similar protests against the regime.

On Monday morning the latest reports from the city of Marivan of Kurdistan Province indicate an ongoing general strike and continued confrontations between protesters and the regime’s security forces in various parts of the city. Local activists said authorities had dispatched many different security units to Marivan to quell anti-regime protests.

The people of Bukan, another city in northwest Iran, are also reportedly in the streets in solidarity with the protesters of Marivan. Protesters were seen establishing roadblocks and taking control of the streets by nightfall.

Other reports on Monday morning indicate that students at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran and the Islamic Azad University of Rasht in northern Iran were protesting and boycotting classes. Students at Noshirvani University of Technology in Babol, also in northern Iran, and Beheshti University of Tehran, among others, launched a gathering protesting the insistence by university authorities on gender segregation in the university cafeteria.

High school students have been taking to the streets on Monday in different cities, furthering the scope of today’s anti-regime protests. This includes schoolkids in the cities of Karaj, Shahriar, Sabzevar, and others chanting slogans against the mullahs’ regime.

People in the city of Siahkal of Gilan Province, northern Iran, held a ceremony on the third day of the death of Erfan Zamani, a protester killed by the mullahs’ repressive forces. Authorities had dispatched a large number of oppressive security forces to the city, who eventually opened fire on the ceremony participants. The participants stood their ground despite the crackdown and the heavy rainfall. Some reports indicate authorities had bussed in non-native forces.

• Karaj – High school students of the Mehrshahr district are seen protesting and chanting: “Death to the dictator!”
• Sabzevar, northeast Iran – High school students protesting and chanting: “No fear! We’re all together!”
• Siahkal, north Iran – Protesters chanting: “This is the year Seyed Ali (Khamenei) is overthrown!”, “Death to Khamenei!”, “Death to the dictator!”
• Bukan, northwest Iran – Protesters are taking over their streets by establishing roadblocks and continuing the nationwide protests against the regime.
• Mahabad – Protesters confronting regime security forces.
• Shiraz, south-central Iran – Local protester writes in graffiti on office of a regime foundation: “Death to Khamenei, the murderer!”
• Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Notably, Iranians resident in Dubai rallied in support of the revolution in Iran.

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