Maryam Rajavi’s Message to the Iranian People

NCRI, 7 March 2020

In a television address to the Iranian people, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), extended her condolences to the grieving families, who have lost loved ones, and offered her prayers for the quick recovery of those who have contracted this virus. 

Mrs. Rajavi paid homage to the selfless physicians and nurses who lost their lives in the process of providing care to Coronavirus patients.

She emphasized that on the orders of the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, the regime kept the public in the dark about the outbreak of the Coronavirus because he did not want to impact the turnout of 1979 revolution anniversary on February 11, and the parliamentary election masquerade. And in the following days, he brazenly said that others had used this disease as an excuse to disrupt the elections. He also claimed that the virus is “not that big of a deal” and that his regime had been transparent with the public since day one.

Mrs. Rajavi added that the regime was continuing its cover-up even now. The IRGC, the Intelligence Ministry and other repressive agencies are doing their utmost to prevent the release of the actual number of the victims and those infected. The scope of cruelty and criminality of the ruling theocracy is quite evident in leaving hundreds of thousands of prisoners defenseless in the face of this deadly virus.

The NCRI President-elect underscored that the mullahs have not only jeopardized the lives of the people of Iran but have also turned the country into an epicenter for transmission of the virus to vast parts of the rest of the world. This is the flip side of the mullahs’ belligerence and export of terrorism that is meant to preserve their disgraceful rule. She added that the mullahs’ criminal conduct in the Coronavirus incident is the flip side of its great massacre of protesters during the uprising in November 2019. When their rule is in danger, they have no mercy on anyone, she said.

Mrs. Rajavi added that the Iranian people’s fight against the Coronavirus was part and parcel of their struggle against the inhuman clerical regime. We ourselves must rise up to safeguard the interests of the Iranian people and expand our outrage, protests, and strikes against the regime to any extent possible, she stressed.

Medical and health care resources must be removed from the monopoly of the IRGC and the agencies affiliated with Khamenei and placed at the disposal of the public to be used under the supervision of honorable and freedom-loving physicians and nurses.

The NCRI President-elect called on all supporters of the PMOI/MEK and the Iranian Resistance to   assist and care for those who have contracted the virus and help save the lives of their compatriots, while taking all the necessary safety measures for themselves and while using the full range of available medical resources.  

Mrs. Rajavi urged all Iranians to use every possible means to inform the public about the news of the Coronavirus, and particularly report on the names of the deceased and the death toll, to foil the regime’s conspiracy of silence in this regard.

She emphasized that the United Nations Security Council, the Secretary-General, the Human Rights Council, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and other relevant international organizations must condemn the clerical regime for its continued criminal cover-up of the spread of Coronavirus in Iran, which has endangered the lives of people in Iran and other countries. She also called on them to prevent a major humanitarian catastrophe by taking immediate action to save the lives and health of prisoners, particularly the political prisoners who are under torture and face execution.

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