Alireza Jafarzadeh explains the Tehran regime lobby

Tehran’s Influence Network Vilifies the MEK to Strengthen Regime

BEHIND THE IRAN HEADLINES Series, November 29, 2023, Alireza Jafarzadeh, NCRI-US Deputy Director

A recent study by Friends of a Free Iran at the European Parliament probes into an intense campaign by the fundamentalist regime in Iran to vilify the democratic opposition through a network of high-placed influencers, the so-called “Iran Experts Initiative.”

The study entitled “Tracing Iran’s Web of Influence in European Politics” unveils the extent of Iran’s sphere of influence within Western Iran policy circles, underscoring the harmful implications of Tehran’s operations on the movement to topple the clerical regime and on the Iranian Resistance.

Last September’s revelation of email exchanges between some of the IEI so-called experts and high officials in Iran’s foreign ministry suggested that these individuals act as Tehran’s de facto undercover agents.

The study finds that reviewing these individuals’ analysis and political recommendations reveals a two-pronged strategy: advocating Tehran’s narratives on various issues and disseminating a false notion that there is no united and viable opposition movement.

It adds that this campaign aims to demonize the NCRI and its principal force for change, the MEK. The study concludes, “The objective is to suggest that in the absence of a viable alternative, the only option is to improve relations with the regime and ignore its malign and destructive activities.”

Almost two months into the latest round of bloodshed in the Middle East, it is now universally acknowledged that the head of the snake of war, terrorism, and Islamic fundamentalism lies in Tehran. Still, its trans-Atlantic enablers remain within sensitive government offices and policy circles. They must be identified, exposed, and removed. That would be a major blow to the snake’s head, as the people of Iran and their organized resistance are engaged in crushing it.

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