Alireza Jafarzadeh: Resistance units honor the 2019 uprisings and its martyrs

Iranian Youth Target Regime’s Centers of Oppression and Terror on Uprising Anniversary

BEHIND THE IRAN HEADLINES Series, November 27, 2023, Alireza Jafarzadeh, NCRI-US Deputy Director

The Iranian youth and resistance units honor the anniversary of the 2019 uprising with many resistance acts. Alireza Jafarzadeh explains.

Four years after Iran’s momentous November 2019 uprisings, its shockwaves continue to deepen divisions within the ruling establishment. For the Iranian people, this anniversary symbolizes courage, the need for organized resistance, and the regime’s imminent downfall.

To honor over 1,500 martyrs of the 2019 uprising, Resistance Units and the rebellious youth across Iran carried out over 150 acts of resistance from November 14 to 16 this year.

These acts targeted the regime’s apparatus of oppression, including the IRGC, Basij, judicial institutions, and entities implicated in plunder and corruption, as well as political symbols. Numerous billboards, banners, and posters featuring Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, mass murderer Ebrahim Raisi, and terror master Qasem Soleimani were taken down.

One significant target was the Quds Operational Headquarters of the IRGC, known for arresting and torturing protesters since 2017 in northwest Tehran. During the 2022 uprising, this base focused on suppressing universities and students, notably at the Sharif University of Technology in Tehran.

Resistance Units also projected images of the Resistance’s leaders onto tall buildings and displayed messages calling for the regime’s overthrow and the establishment of a democratic republic in Iran.

The IRGC, including its Quds Force and Basij forces, upholds the regime’s reign of terror and tyranny. For democracy in Iran and peace in the Middle East to have a chance, the Iranian people see taking apart this terror structure as an imperative.

The courageous Iranian youth committed to this task deserve all the support the West can provide. It should start with ending the policy of appeasement, reinstating the UN Security Council sanctions, and dismantling Tehran’s terror and influencers network abroad.

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