Missile Press Conference discussed on Fox News

State Department Spokesperson on the Missile Press Conference of NCRI-US

State Department, 20 June 2017

Watch the video of the full press briefing HERE

QUESTION (James Rosen of Fox News): There was a news conference held this morning in Washington by the Iranian dissident group that has periodically sought to disclose what it claims to be illicit nuclear activities of one kind or another. And this group, of course, has had some success in this area, having exposed Natanz. Today their subject was the Iranian ballistic missile program. I wonder if anyone here in the building watched the news conference and has any comment on the purported revelation.

HEATHER NAUERT: Yeah. So I’m aware that that news conference took place. I know some folks in the building were certainly monitoring that. So we’re continuing to monitor the ballistic missile program. We are monitoring that program closely and very carefully. In terms of intelligence matters or details of our efforts to try to monitor the ballistic missile program, I am not going to be able to get into that today.

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