Iran State-Run Media Admit to Regime’s Inhumane COVID-19 Policy

By Shamsi Saadati, Originally published in, 9th April 2021

Iran is now going through the fourth wave of the Covid-19 outbreak. The situation has reached a point that even regime officials and state-run media are speaking of a catastrophe. As the deaths and infections continue, state-run media acknowledge that Iran’s worsening Covid-19 outbreak is due to the regime’s inhuman policies.

“While coronavirus takes more lives daily, the government delays in the lockdown of Tehran and other metropolises,” wrote the state-run Jahane-e Sanat daily, in an article titled “People, victims of mismanagement,” on Wednesday.

“It is possible to control the current crisis through public education and lockdown. But after 14 months and [the regime’s] delay in procuring vaccines, the government and Health Ministry are unable to control Coronavirus,” Jahan-e Sanat added.

Meanwhile, Payam Tabresi, infectious disease specialist and head of the infectious department of Masih Daneshvari Hospital in Tehran, told Jahan-e Sanat that “due to the spread of the mutated strain of Covid-19, in my opinion, it is too late implements restrictions, because the mutated strain of Covid-19 has circulated in Iran.”

“The governments did not think of implementing restriction before the Nowruz holiday. Now people pay the price of officials’ inefficiencies with their lives. The country is facing a severe coronavirus wave and an increase in deaths in three months. Unfortunately, there are no beds to treat patients,” Tabresi added.

Following the November 2019 uprising, the regime was looking for a solution to control the restive society. Thus, mullahs embraced the Covid-19 outbreak. They initially denied the existence of the virus in Iran and refused to quarantine the city of Qom, where the virus was first detected. When they admitted, the virus has been transmitted to Iran, they tried to downplay the crisis and maintained the economy and public gatherings open. Finally, in March 2020, the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei called the virus a “test” and “blessing,” which could result “in opportunities” for the regime. Khamenei confirmed his intention of using Covid-19 to murder Iranians, when on January 8, 2021, he banned the entry of certified vaccines in Iran. According to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), over 246,000 people have lost their lives as of Wednesday.

“According to many specialists and experts in the social, health, economic and political fields, we are now paying the price of not quarantining Qom. The government insists on its decisions because it prefers the crippled economic cycle to people’s lives,” Jahan-e Sanat article added.

“If the vaccination process continues as slow and delayed as past, we will go from one Covid-19 peak to another. We will reach the thousandth peak unless the antibodies of the people reach the appropriate level and also until half of the people are not vaccinated,” said Masoud Mardani, member of the regime’s National Covid-19 Combat Task Force on Thursday, according to Jahan-e Sanat daily.

The Iranian regime tries to blame people for not complying with health protocol. But state-run media reject this bogus claim.

“Officials are now declaring that people did not comply and went to holiday trips, and now we’ve lost control of the Covid-19 outbreak. They are pointing to people, as usual, calling them the real culprit,” wrote state-run Arman daily on Thursday.

“Iran is now experiencing the fourth wave of Covid-19 outbreak and suffer from the UK coronavirus variant, while the United Kingdom is taking steps towards reopening cities and resuming normal life. This miracle is because of vaccination of over 55% of the population, turning the UK to one of the best countries in combating this virus,” Arman daily adds.

“Using Pfizer and Moderna vaccines today makes countries that have purchased more of these vaccines in far better conditions than other countries. In a strange move, [the regime] barred [Iran] from producing valid Pfizer vaccine and Moderna that have also been effective against mutated strains. The negligence of China and Russia has further exacerbated the insistence on this policy in sending their vaccines. So far, Iran has one of the weakest vaccination conditions among other countries,” Arman daily adds.

“Those who prevent the entry of vaccines, who are the same to mix this issue with politics and [their] ideology, are responsible for people’s death due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Sadly, they are now blaming people for the new wave and refuse to admit they are responsible for the daily death of the people with policies and inconsistencies,” Arman Article adds.

The regime’s inhumane Covid-19 policy, oppression, and corruption have turned the society into a powder keg.

“People live in such a poor condition that the government is obliged to violate even [its] basic rules and principles and help the people. If it does not act, something happens that should not happen,” said Ahmad Tavakoli, a former MP, on Thursday, according to the state-run Alef News agency.

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