Iran: Coronavirus Death Toll in 308 Cities Exceeds 37,600

NCRI, 30 April 2020

In four out of 138 hospitals in Tehran receiving Coronavirus patients, 1,400 have died

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK) announced on Thursday, April 30, 2020, that the Coronavirus death toll in 308 cities in Iran had exceeded 37,600. The number of victims in Tehran is 6,330 people, Mazandaran 2,345, Khuzestan 1,810, Golestan 1,220, Fars 975, Sistan and Baluchestan 940, Lorestan 875, Semnan 865, Kurdistan 625, Zanjan 485, and Kerman 425.

Today, Hassan Rouhani, who, despite the requests by Tehran’s city council, still refuses to announce the fatality figures for each Province separately, again made the absurd claim, “Most hospital beds … are empty. Our country’s statistics (on Coronavirus fatalities) show our success has been significant compared to other countries … The conditions of those contracted the virus, those hospitalized, recovered, and those who’ve lost their lives is as desired.”

Meanwhile, today, Health Minister Saeed Namaki told Khamenei’s website, “Some think that we have many hospital beds. The ratio of hospital beds for every 1000 people is 1.6. The most underdeveloped European countries have five times more beds we have. The number of nurses compared to beds in worst cases in Europe and the US is two to three times more than ours.” About methods used during the Iran-Iraq war, not surprisingly, he heaped praise on the regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, “We witness the most resolute, firm, and scientific kind of support from the leader of the revolution… Every time I submitted a written report to him, he will immediately read it and respond to me in an hour… My aides in the (National Coronavirus Combat Taskforce) board, are all former war front soldiers (IRGC officials) who achieved success in major war operations and are once again in the field and work the same way.”

In another development, regime officials in various provinces, express concerns about the increase in the number of virus-infected patients and the second and third waves of the Coronavirus outbreak, after forcing people back to work.

In Babol, Dr. Alireza Jalali, head of the Medical Sciences University, told Khabar-e Dagh (Hot News), today, “Coronavirus has taken on a new life in the city, and the number of hospitalized patients has increased. So far, 109 patients are in the ICU.”

In Birjand, Dr. Kambiz Mehdi-zadeh, deputy head of the Medical School in South Khorasan Province, told Mehr News Agency on April 28, “We have witnessed an upward trend in the number of infected patients in the Province. These days, we see two-digit infections daily.”

According to physicians in Tehran, in just four hospitals out of 138 public and private hospitals that receive Coronavirus patients, 1,400 have died so far. The number of fatalities in Yaft-Abad, Khomeini, Sina, and Alam hospitals is at least 750, 450,120, and 80 people, respectively.

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