Khamenei weeps loss of Soleimani

Ebrahim Raisi called me a terrorist (after I survived an Iranian plot to blow me up) – Struan Stevenson

By Struan Stevenson, Originally published in The Scotsman, May 20, 2024


t is somewhat ironic that Ebrahim Raisi, the “Butcher of Tehran”, met his end in an American helicopter. When the US-made Bell 212 helicopter plummeted into a mountainside in northern Iran on Sunday, it ended the life of one of the greatest criminals in Iranian history. For him, it was a fittingly fiery end to a murderous career.

I’ve been a key supporter of the democratic Iranian opposition movement and a target for the mullahs’ regime for more than 20 years. It sent a registered diplomat – Assadollah Assadi – with instructions to detonate a bomb at an opposition rally I attended in Paris in June 2018. Fortunately, Assadi and three co-conspirators were arrested and sentenced to decades of imprisonment as terrorists. Assadi was then disgracefully sent back to a hero’s welcome in Tehran in an outrageous prisoner-swap deal, in exchange for a young Belgian charity worker taken hostage by the mullahs.

Having failed to blow me up in Paris, Raisi’s regime then listed the leaders of In Search of Justice, a Brussels-based NGO which fights for the freedom of the Iranian people, as terrorists. They are Alejo Vidal Quadras, a former European Parliament senior vice-president, Paulo Casaca and myself, both former MEPs and long-time supporters of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. READ MORE

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