Ebrahim Raisi, the henchman of the 1988 massacre

The death of Ebrahim Raisi, the mass murderer, has very serious repercussions, and I want to highlight three of them

Alireza Jafarzadeh, NewsMax, May 25, 2024

First, the death of Raisi is a strategic blow to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the entirety of this regime because Raisi was groomed by Khamenei for years, especially because of the direct role of Ebrahim Raisi in the well-documented 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in Iran that the majority of the victims and the target were the main Iranian opposition movement, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, the MEK, which is the same movement that exposed all the major nuclear sites of Iran and now acts as the engine for change in Iran. Actually, the children and the grandchildren of those who were murdered in 1988 are the ones who are in the streets protesting now.

Second, Raisi’s death has thrown the regime off balance and created a set of motions in the regime that has heightened the infighting within the regime because Khamenei relied heavily on Raisi to keep its balance, and it has already weakened the regime.

Third, this is a huge opportunity for the people of Iran, for the organized opposition, and for those who have been seeking change in Iran to see Raisi–whose mission was to prevent the uprisings and the protests–gone.

People have realized that this regime is not 10 feet tall despite all the threats that it is making around the world, i.e., the barrage of missiles they are firing. They can’t even run their own helicopter and keep their own president alive. So, that’s an opportunity for regime change in Iran.

And I hope everyone around the capitals of the world understands this stark reality in the country.

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