Alireza Jafarzadeh: Hold Tehra Accountable for Warmongering, Executions

Tehran Rulers Must be Held Accountable for Decades of War and Repression

BEHIND THE IRAN HEADLINES Series, December 11, 2023, Alireza Jafarzadeh, NCRI-US Deputy Director

Barbaric crackdowns and executions have significantly increased in Iran in line with Tehran’s further fueling of war and conflict in the region. They are the pillars of the clerical regime’s survival strategy.

In the past two weeks, at least 48 prisoners have fallen victim to the slaughter machine of the Khamenei regime. Ten of them were Baluch Iranians.

On Tuesday, December 5, Khamenei’s thugs opened fire on two Baluch youths in the city of Chabahar. Both were killed instantly, and their bodies were taken away.

Over 120 executions in November alone as widespread executions, especially that of MEK and other dissidents, have been on the rise in Iran.

Families and supporters of the MEK have also been targeted. The regime’s judiciary has sentenced political prisoners Zahra Safaei, 61, along with her daughter and son, as well as Kamran Rezaei-Far, 58, to five years in prison. It cited private conversations, activities on social networks, collaboration, and communication with the MEK.

Additionally, the physical condition of many MEK-affiliated and other political prisoners is worsening.  Ali Mo’ezi, a 70-year-old MEK supporter, is in critical condition. He suffers from cancer, high blood pressure, and severe arthritis and has no access to essential medical facilities.

Dealing and negotiating with and appeasing the religious fascism ruling Iran is morally inhumane and strategically futile.

This regime must be shunned by the international community, and its leaders, especially Ali Khamenei, Ebrahim Raisi, and Gholamhossein Ejei, must be brought to justice for four decades of crimes against humanity, genocide, and warmongering.

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