SPECIAL REPORT: Iran’s Uprising and the Regime’s Dilemma

A Nation Aflame for Revolution

The U.S. Representative Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI-US) announces the release of its latest report, ‘Iran’s Uprising and the Regime’s Dilemma: A Nation Aflame for Revolution,’ on the anniversary of the momentous September 2022 uprising and its irreversible impacts. In the annals of Iran’s history, the 2022 uprising will forever be remembered as a period of profound transformation and unrest. It marked the commencement of an uprising that sent shockwaves through the Iranian regime, leaving it entangled in a spiraling crisis. As we reflect on the past year’s events, it becomes abundantly clear that the landscape of Iranian politics and society has undergone seismic shifts. The NCRI-US’s report delves into the clerical regime’s vulnerabilities, the rising tide of Iran protests, the unity of Iran’s ethnicities and nationalities, the explosive state of society, and the impact of the MEK’s affiliated Resistance Units on the trajectory of a democratic revolution.

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