How Iran’s Duplicitous Diplomacy, Callous Policies Cost Lives


The new report seeks to show that Tehran’s campaign to lift sanctions and hide its depraved incompetence in combating COVID-19 is replete with lies and misleading claims. It provides a detailed review of some of the key financial entities under the control of the regime’s Supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The report shows how hundreds of billions of dollars of the Iranian people’s national wealth are under the control of Khamenei; even a small percentage of this wealth, if spent on fighting the coronavirus pandemic, could address all of the logistical, resourcing, and healthcare requirements.

The theocratic regime despicably views the COVID-19 catastrophe as a political opportunity that it can exploit in its domestic and foreign policies. Tehran has launched a massive international campaign advocating the lifting of the sanctions imposed due to its terrorism, human rights violations and nuclear weapons program. While this orchestrated campaign is playing out on the world stage, inside Iran the regime tries to downplay the number of fatalities.

“As a state policy, the regime seeks to exploit the coronavirus and the loss of life to boost its own status by getting the sanctions lifted without abandoning the rogue behavior which caused the imposition of sanctions in the first place. Tehran is looking for cash to fund its terror operations in the region, while it rejects humanitarian and medical assistance by other nations, including the United States, as well as internationally recognized non-governmental organizations,” the report underscores.

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