Leaked Documents Expose Vulnerabilities of Iran's Regime

Leaked Documents Expose Vulnerabilities of Iran’s Regime

BEHIND THE IRAN HEADLINES Series, August 28, 2023, Alireza Jafarzadeh, NCRI-US Deputy Director

As the first anniversary of Iran’s 2022 uprising approaches, explosive classified documents have emerged from the regime’s inner circles. Obtained by the dissident group Ghiyam-ta-Sarnegouni (Uprising leading to the overthrow), these papers offer an unparalleled look into Tehran’s heightened fear over a nation’s growing resolve to free itself from oppression and its pursuit of regime change.

One internal survey conducted post-September 2022 protests shows that over 62% of Iranians feel that protest is essential to claim their rights, disproving the regime’s façade of stability.

The classified files also expose the regime’s readiness to funnel billions into state security forces, highlighting their preference for forceful suppression. One startling find is a budget allocation of $6 billion to the IRGC, underscoring the regime’s skewed priorities.

The regime’s propaganda strategies are also laid bare, including directives to circulate false narratives and how it instructs its officials to manipulate public records and discredit the organized opposition.

Leaked documents further unveil the regime’s calculated media strategies and policy tactics to suppress protests and strikes, particularly those involving teachers and workers.

Such revelations dismantle Tehran’s desperate campaign to project power and stability. They, instead, reveal a regime frantically working to quell a nation’s dogged pursuit of freedom and its invincible spirit of resistance.

At this watershed moment in Iran’s history, the global community’s focus must remain on the struggle of Iran’s people for justice and freedom. The world must stand on their side and recognize their desire and right to overthrow the regime.

The current policy of making concessions to the ayatollahs, such as rewarding Tehran’s abhorrent hostage diplomacy, is to the detriment of the Iranian people’s cause for freedom, democracy, and a republic based on the separation of religion and state.

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