The ruling religious dictatorship in Iran executed 834 people in 2023, the highest number in the past eight years and a 34% increase in respect to the previous year.

In Tandem with Tehran’s Warmongering, Executions Surged in 2023 in Iran

BEHIND THE IRAN HEADLINES Series, January 11, 2024, Alireza Jafarzadeh, NCRI-US Deputy Director

According to reports compiled by the network of the People’s Mojahedin Organization, the MEK, the ruling religious dictatorship executed 834 people in 2023, the highest number in the past eight years and a 34% increase in respect to the previous year.

Notably, 36% of the executions took place in the last three months of the year, coinciding with Tehran’s rising regional warmongering, proving again that external crisis-making is the flip side of its domestic suppression.

The most oppressed Baluch compatriots bore the brunt of the executions. 191 individuals, or 22%, were Baluch.  Twenty-six women and eight juveniles were also executed. Seven executions were barbarically carried out in public.

The wave of executions and suppression has persisted into the new year. Between January 1st and January 9th, seventeen prisoners have been executed in prisons across Iran.

In the first week of January, Roya Heshmati, 33, a brave Iranian woman, was lashed 74 times for defying the compulsory veiling law of the misogynist regime, a savage act vehemently denounced by the Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

The regime’s Mehr News Agency also announced on January 7 that the hands of two individuals were barbarically amputated for petty theft. This is while the leaders of the regime and the IRGC are the biggest thieves in Iran’s history, plundering billions of dollars of people’s national wealth or wasting even more in funding terrorism and proxy wars.

Decades of the West’s appeasement policy have bolstered Tehran’s suppressive, warmongering, and terrorist practices. It must be reversed now. The regime’s leaders, including its Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, its president, Ebrahim Raisi, and Judiciary Chief, Gholamhossein Ejei, must be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

As Iranians and their Resistance Units work to change this terrorist regime, the international community must align its policies with them by acknowledging the Iranian people’s legitimate right to oppose the regime and defend themselves against terror entities like the IRGC.

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