American National Security Experts Join Iranian Opposition to Celebrate Nowruz

March 18, 2016

Washington, DC- March 18, 2016, On the occasion of the Iranian New Year, Nowruz, the U.S. representative office of Iran’s parliament-in-exile, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI-US) held a reception celebrating this ancient Iranian tradition.

Among the speakers were Ambassador Robert G. Joseph, former U.S. Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, Philip J. Crowley, former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield, Jr., former Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs, Ambassador Adam Ereli, former U.S. ambassador to Bahrain, and Bruce McColm, former Executive Director of the Freedom House.

Ambassador Bloomfield praised the NCRI, saying, “I am an admirer of the National Council of Resistance.  They are extraordinarily competent and well organized and their message is a very generous message.” He added that the NCRI “has recognized gender equality that is fully consistent with religious faith and I think this is an extremely powerful message.”

Ambassador Joseph said, “Thank you for the sacrifices, in many cases the ultimate sacrifices that you, your friends, your family members have made in the cause of freedom; in the cause of a free Iran; in the cause of a democratic, secular, non-nuclear Iran.  You are the models.”

Mr. Crowley pointed to the Iranian dissidents residing in Camp Liberty in Iraq and said, “We certainly continue to hope for the day where those in Camp Liberty are removed from danger and can get on with their lives and help inspire us as they do even now.”

Ambassador Ereli said, Tehran is a regime “that despite it signing international agreements still is forging ahead with a nuclear program.” Talking about the residents of Camp Liberty, Mr. McColm said, “I just want to say about the people at Camp Liberty, they are my heroes.  Their persistence, integrity, resistance, and endurance is really tremendously inspiring to all of us.”

A haftsin table was set up and “uncle Nowruz” (Amoo Nowruz) was also present greeting the guests and gifting them with Persian nuts and pastry.

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