7 Myths and Facts about the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK)

Myth 1: The State Department designated the MEK as a Foreign Terrorist Organization because MEK engaged in terrorism.Fact: On October 9, 1997, a day after the MEK’s designation, the Los Angeles Times quoted a “senior Clinton Administration official” that the designation of the MEK “was intended as a goodwill gesture to Tehran….

Response to McClatchy on MEK

Soona Samsami, 17 November 2016 The article, “Accused in ’70s of U.S. military slayings, Iran group has friends in Trump’s circle,” (McClatchyDC, Nov. 17), a gross misrepresentation of indisputable historical facts, has rehashed a litany of stale and oft-repeated allegations, originally concocted by the Iranian …

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