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Uprising Shakes Iran Regime’s Foundation

 Author: NCRI-US  Category: Human Rights, Iran Protests  Publisher: NCRI-US  Published: December 1, 2019  Tags: 2019 November UprisingIran Uprisings |

This manuscript examines the nationwide uprising that erupted on November 15, 2019 and spread to over 180 cities in all 31 provinces of Iran. Although the unrest was sparked by a gasoline price hike, by as much as 300 percent, the protests rapidly expanded and changed focus, concentrating on the nature of the regime.

From the first day, the regime resorted to sheer violence and State Security Forces (SSF) declared a state of red alert, whereby the SSF handed over responsibility for suppressing the uprising to the IRGC, and SSF forces were put under IRGC command.

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